You Can Live Wherever You Want With This Gorgeous Futuristic Tiny Home On Wheels

Meet the Catalina, the flagship tiny home model from Tiny Innovations. This functional tiny house design is also super stylish and modern with so many great features. Tiny Innovations knows that one size doesnt fit all when it comes to tiny house design, so they work with each of their customers to bring them their very own unique tiny house on wheels. They take the time to work one on one with their customers with their in-house engineers and designers to create the plan that will suit them best. Customers can choose the trailer size, the architectural style as well as all of the finishing touches to the tiny house design like the siding and the flooring in the home. They can also customize shipping containers into homes, and they will also work on food truck designs too. They also install all of the latest technology including voice-activated music and built-in speakers with Bluetooth appliances that can be operated from your phone. Because going tiny doesn't mean you have to give up the conveniences of modern day living, it may mean that you can afford to install all of these luxuries into your home though since you're paying less overall for your home.

Many people wonder why those buying tiny houses on wheels don't just purchase an RV instead. Tiny houses tend to feel a lot more like a real home than RVs since they are built with regular home building materials. RVs are also made with more synthetic materials than natural ones, and so tiny houses will outlast the average RV. Tiny Innovations tiny houses on wheels are RVIA certified and NHITSA compliant too which is always a good thing. Having your tiny house on wheels, RVIA certified means that it would be easier to insure and park as well as easier to finance if you want to. The design of the Catalina tiny house is enough to make you want a tiny house of your own. The clean lines and the clean design is very attractive, and they spared no expense when it came to the appliances and fixtures. They went with a beautiful butcher-block countertop in the kitchen paired with glossy white cabinets with modern door pulls and a gorgeous glass tile for the backsplash.

They also installed only high-end stainless steel appliances like the large stove and oven unit and the large stainless steel fridge. Even the sink is stainless steel too. There's also an all in one washer dryer laundry machine which is very convenient to have in any home, and the bathroom features a large vanity with plenty of storage space. There are also two lofts, one above the bathroom and the other above the living room. One of the lofts is accessed by a ladder and the other one by a staircase that doubles as extra storage space. The larger loft would be used as the main sleeping area while the other one could be used as a storage space or closet space. The Catalina is 28 feet long making it a larger tiny house on wheels. It has 317 square feet of space total which is great for a couple to live in comfortably. All you would have to do is move your furniture in after you tow it away and park it. Or they will deliver the tiny house for free. This tiny house is actually currently for sale for $119,900 US, and it's on sale too, so if you're interested, it can actually be yours to call home. Check out all of the photos of this stylish, modern tiny house on wheels and see what you think. Could you live in a tiny house like this?***

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