This Is Truly a One of a Kind Log Home That Is Everything We Dreamed Of

This is truly a one of a kind log home that could be everything you dreamed of. When it comes to luxury log home plans, these log houses from True North Log Homes really take the cake. These are some of the most incredible log houses you've ever seen. Log home builders True North Log Homes, feature custom log home plans as well as some of their own designs that can be moified to the customer's liking. Since your home is your personal space, it's only right that it should reflect who you are and you should design your home to suit your lifestyle and personal style. The company is located in Bracebridge, Ontario which is right in the heart of the wilderness of eastern Canada. This is a purely Canadian company using all locally sourced materials and inspiration from the pristine natural landscapes. Log houses weren't originally created in Canada, but Swedish pioneers brought their log home building expertise with them when they immigrated from their homeland and began to share their techniques with other newcomers. Quickly, people began to use the traditional log home building methods to build their own houses and barns and log houses became a staple in Canada and the United States alike. We can still see some of the old log houses built in the early years, even if there are only a few of them left. In places like Sweden, there are 500 year old log houses that are still standing after all this time.

These luxury log home plans show just how amazing log houses can be and they really show off the skills of the log home builders involved in the building process. It takes real skill and talent to handcraft log houses like these ones you see here. The type of homes that are like pieces of art, and will last lifetimes. Most of the designs from True North Log Homes include three bedrooms or more, but they also offer cabins to use for recreational purposes too. Their Pictou Model is around 800 square feet which is one of their smaller designs and would be perfect for that cabin at the lake or a little private retreat in the forest. They also sell cabins that can be used for commercial use, like chalets and resorts. A good majority of their homes are over 2000 square feet offering a ton of space to live in. All of the luxury log home plans feature those signature cathedral ceilings like we see in most log houses, with the amazing floor to ceiling windows in the living room area. Most of the log houses from this company also feature gorgeous stone built fireplaces which are also a quintessential part of any real log home.

The company uses the best soft wood possible, using Northeastern white pine trees that are harvested in the winter for optimum performance and workability. They will also use Western Cedar upon request, but this tends to cost more since it has to be transported across the country. True North also only uses the heartwood of the tree, which is a key factor for any high quality log home. The heartwood contains all of the best properties of a tree and is the strongest most durable part of the tree. They also allow their customers to choose the shape of the log which can give the home a different look. A traditional log house would be the D shaped log or the double D shaped log for that rounded log look. Be sure to have a look around the True North Log Homes website at all of their amazing work.***

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