Fabulous Winter Cabin in Montana, Must See Photo Gallery!

The perfect image of a cabin in the snow, this fabulous winter cabin in Montana is a must see. Featured on Log Home Living, this log house is one of the many beautiful log houses on their website. Handcrafted out of the finest wood in traditional style, and of course, with attention to detail and quality standards. There's just something so alluring about a log house or cabin in the snow. The amber light glowing within from the fireplace beckons you inside to enjoy the cozy warmth and peace. Most people like log houses and cabins because they are made out of natural materials, and they represent tradition and fine craftsmanship. People have been building with wood since ancient times, using the strong trees to make their house frames and walls. Wood is one of the number one natural resources in Canada and the United States as well as in other parts of the world like Russia or China. The one thing many people wonder about, is where the trees come from. There is valid concern that the wood comes from clear cutting forests, which does unfortunately happen more than we know, but there are also sustainable tree plantations that follow strict practices to keep things environmentally friendly.

Most of the log home builders out there will use the logs that come from sustainable plantations because it's the more responsible thing to do. The trees are grown in succession in the plantations so there are always some to harvest and more are planted in their place. So if you're building a log house of your own, make sure that your wood is coming from one of these plantations or that your log home builders use sustainable wood. Another concern people have is surrounding the cost of a log house, especially the large log home floor plans. A great solution for this is to set out a budget before you get planning, and stick to it. Make sure you leave yourself some wiggle room too for any surprise expenses. The less square footage you need, the more affordable your house will be, so instead of choosing large log home floor plans, try and find a modest one that will suit your needs. This particular log house is fairly large, with three levels and two decks. A great family home for full time living or a cabin for seasonal use.

The builders mixed in some stone work into the log house design too, creating columns at the front door out of stone and an amazing stone built fireplace in the living room. The other notable feature of this log house is the many windows in the living room area. They added in the floor to ceiling windows to add a dramatic effect to the interior and exterior view of the house which looks just gorgeous. The log columns within the house are capped with beautiful copper that pairs really nicely with the glow of the logs. The kitchen, dining room and living room, or the great room as it's called in most log houses, all flow perfectly together, allowing for a great place to entertain and enjoy visiting with family or friends. In the bedroom, you can see that even the furniture is created out of logs, which carries that rustic, natural theme throughout the house. Even if you didn't want rustic furniture, there are ways to decorate a log house in a more contemporary way. Large log home floor plans like this one are really fun to decorate around Christmas time too, seeing as you could fit any size of tree you liked. Enjoy the photos and ideas from Log Home Living.***

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