Check Out This Cute Octagon Log Cabin on a Budget, Unbelievable!

Every person wants their own unique house that represents their own unique personality. This cute octagon log home plan is a perfect example of how beautiful different can be. If you have been thinking about building your own log cabin or home, chances are you've been doing some research online which may have even lead you here. If you're just starting out and don't have a lot of money in the bank to spend on a log house, looking into small log cabins like these might be a great option to get you started. Living smaller is a great way to save some money and still get the style and quality of home you desire. Since there is less square footage to build, you need less materials, so you can invest in those materials that are most sustainably sourced and even local if you can. For folks in Germany, there this log cabin manufacturer is a great option when it comes to building all natural wood cabins and homes. They use all naturally sourced materials and keep the beautiful, natural look of the logs for each of their builds.

The log cabin manufacturer, Blockhaus Sauna, has a few different sizes of small log cabins and homes to choose from. This interesting octagon home plan would be one of the larger houses and so it would cost something more like 7,000 to 12,000 Euros. The smallest wood cabins on their website only cost around 5,500 to 8,000 Euro which is a very affordable option suitable for one person, or a garden cottage. Each of the home designs even include a sauna within them. Having your own private sauna would be amazing since saunas offer a whole heap of healing benefits. Most people in places like Finland have a sauna of their own built either in their home or on their property. The Finnish people use their sauna daily and have been for centuries. For more American and European people, it's becoming more of a popular thing to to whether you go to a public sauna or steam room, or have a private one of your own. It would be so lovely if you could go into it whenever you wanted and experience the lasting health benefits. The log cabin manufacturer promises to work with each customer's budget and their design ideas to create the perfect log cabin for them.

So where do you begin when you're planning a log home floor plan, or any floor plan for that matter? Well, simply start out by focusing on the things you know you really want in a home. For example, do you love taking baths and could never imagine not having a bath tub in your home? This means that a bat tub is very important to you so you should try and implement it in your plan. If you work from home, would you prefer to have a separate office area? If so, make sure there are at least two bedrooms in the home so you can separate work from home life. You can also decide the shape of the house itself or the style of roof you would like. Think about the aspects of design that feel best to you and incorporate them into your design. The best thing you can do is start sketching up your ideas. Even just on a piece of paper. Or, if you can use a program like Sketch Uo, feel free to use that to convey your design ideas. Having these ideas in place will make it much easier for the log home manufacturer to create your floor plans and designs.***