Check out This 24x36 Christmas Tree Barn For A Perfect Holiday

This white painted Christmas barn with red barn doors and Christmas wreaths strike the perfect picture in its snow covered landscape. You can't help but want to visit this charming country destination every Christmas season if even just to see this Christmas tree barn. This 24 by 36-foot barn has 864 square feet of space in an open concept design with exposed post and beams throughout. You could use this barn style house for a variety of uses from Christmas tree barn to artist studio, full-time home to vacation home and so much more.

The white exterior on this Christmas tree barn gives a whole new look to this barn style house. Farmlands across North America have for hundreds of years been dotted traditionally with red barns. For several years red has been the color of choice for a barn build. Red has been the top color choice for barns for centuries not because of its aesthetic appeal but, rather, because of its useful effects and the early adoption of home-made sealants. The color red was used before sealants and paint, and other building materials were readily available at the local hardware store, and farmers were forced to create their type of paint that would both seal and protect the wood used on their barns. One of the first substances that were used as a sealant consisted of a mixture of linseed oil, which is an orange-colored oil that is derived from the seeds of the flax plant, lime, milk, and ferrous oxide otherwise known as rust. Rust was a substance that was abundant on farms and was effectively used as a sealant because it would kill any fungus or moss that might grow on the barn structure. The combination of these ingredients acted as a long-lasting paint that would dry and harden on the barn surface quickly. The rust in the mixture is what made the color of the barn look red. In the 1800s, red paint was quite inexpensive and continued to be used on barn builds, as it was discovered that the red paint helped to absorb the sun rays in the winter, helping to keep the barn warmer. It has also been suggested through the years that animal blood was combined with milk to act as a staining agent used on barn surfaces.

When it comes to building a barn or barn style house, there are all sorts of details that you might want to add. Some of the barn features you will hear about include Monitor barns. These barns are also known as raised center aisle or RCA barns. The sides of a raised center aisle barn or Monitor barn often have several windows to help improve the ventilation of the barn structure and to increase the amount of natural light inside. Gambrel style barns feature two different roof pitches, with one steep and one shallow. Dutch doors are another popular feature found in barn builds. This style of doors is divided horizontally, which allows the top half of the door to be open while the bottom half of the door remains closed.

This white barn style house used for a Christmas tree barn can be found on the Yankee Barn Homes site. Yankee Barn Homes began in 1969 in Falmouth, Massachusetts with the Mark I, a complete barn-style home kit package that could be assembled on a prepared foundation in just five days. The barn company has developed its trademarked roof and wall panel systems incorporated within the post and beam style of construction, which increases the efficiency of the home. Today, Yankee Barn Homes kit designs and builds a variety of architectural styles, from barn style house to farmhouse, cottage to the mountain lodge. **

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