4987 Sq. Ft.log Cabin from Beaver Mountain, Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle, Your Budget and Your Dreams

There are many reasons people might consider a luxury log cabin design. Some want a change a way to get out of the city, while others might want a vacation home to spend time with family and friends. The Gerald luxury log home was designed for a family who wanted to entertain, and they also wanted their log cabin design to suit multiple uses. A chef's kitchen was necessary along with additional sleeping areas for their guests. This luxury log home plan has everything you could imagine. Starting on the lower level lots of light was used and bunk beds to create an inviting yet separate sleeping space from the main house. One of the special features of the luxury log cabin design is the outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen was a difficult challenge for the log home design team as the weather is so unpredictable in the Catskills. The result is amazing, the perfect place for entertaining. The outdoor kitchen is sheltered yet still open and has plenty of room for sitting from the bar to the large table that is also covered. By having the open outdoor kitchen space face the home, a certain amount of shelter is also established. While the luxury log cabin design is spacious, it still feels cozy and welcoming feels by the creative use of furniture to help create intimate areas within the log home.

The multi-faceted red cedar timber log home design was a huge success with the Gerald family for which the luxury log home was built. You will want to take a look at this stunning luxury log home plan. The log home has 4,987 square feet of living space with 1,940 on the main level, 1,940 square feet on the lower level and 1,106 square feet on the upper level. The log home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two half-baths. The lower level has a guest suite, and there is also an outdoor kitchen.

The beautiful forest surroundings of this particular luxury log home are an extension of the log home itself. You can take elements from the outdoor surroundings and use them in your landscaping and for the color schemes and feel throughout the log house design. Whether your log house design is surrounded by forest, mountain or located beside a lake will add to the appeal of your home design. The natural surroundings are one of the most important parts of the log house design. In this luxury log cabin design, the use of stone is a big part of the overall design especially when it comes to the outdoor kitchen and the landscaping. The large outdoor patio feels appropriate for its hillside location, and all of the design flows together well. It's not always easy to build the log home of your dreams in the exact location that you'd like. Sometimes this is due to budget, but quite often it has to do with certain locations and properties that can be challenging. A log cabin design built on a mountain property can be one of the most challenging and expensive locations to build on. Mountain roads can be extremely difficult to maneuver the building materials to the site and may require a special delivery to the building site.

This is just one of the luxury log homes you will find on the Beaver Mountain Log & Cedar Homes site. The company started in 1982 believes in strong family and craftsmanship. They are committed to excellence and build quality custom log homes you can be proud of. You will want to take a look at their online gallery of log home designs. **

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