4000 Sq. Ft. Beautifully Restored Event Barn with an Exceptionally Wide Interior

When you take a look inside of this 4,000 square foot beautifully restored event barn, you won't believe your eyes. Not a detail has been missed in the stunning Kendalia Even Barn. The frame for this barn is a very wide English frame where you will find old mixed with new with the form of the vast uninterrupted barn space. Inside the center columns that would have originally divided the barn space in half are removed. The new iron rods suspend the lower connecting metal ties to the upper ties at the connection of extended the diagonal braces and compression timbers to form an appealing truss system that helps to support the canted queen posts and the historic barn roof rafters. Large divided windows in the barn reach the top plate and are centered in the irregularly spaced bays that bring in natural light to highlight the stained and polish ballroom floor. Even when this beautiful event barn is empty, the space feels warm and alive a place that always feels inviting. This event barn is the perfect place for everything from casual family gatherings to formal black tie galas; the events are accommodated with minimal barn decor and furnishings. This barn has been carefully restored with the timber that is rustic yet has modern finishes in a design that blend the old and new seamlessly in the beautiful and iconic Texas Hill Country.

It seems everyone has a favorite barn that they remember somewhere in time, maybe a country drive or holiday away. Barns dot the countryside all over North America, and they have a long and interesting history. These days you will find more and more people using the buildings popular for housing livestock and farm equipment in the past, as barn style houses. You will find barns turned into houses, modern barn styles, barn home conversions and more.

The history of barns is long and interesting. This beautiful timber builds that typically used the timber framing method of building and differed from the historic barns that were found in Europe. What differentiated the American style of timber framing from that of its predecessors in the Old World was when the Old World or European pioneers first came to America, they had before them a very different building reality in what building materials they had to use. By building materials mostly trees were quite different from what you would have found in Europe at the time, as these countries (Ireland, England, and Holland) had been cleared of trees, so the building materials they had on hand at this time were very poor quality trees to work with. For this reason, the building materials in Europe were short and unstable crooks of trees in their buildings, a practice that wasn't unnecessary in the New World. Once in the New World, the trees were straight trees over one hundred feet tall with a wide variety of trees to choose from to include hemlocks, pines, oaks, maples, beech and chestnut (which made up about one-third of the northern forest) just to name a few.

This beautiful modern barn is just one of the barn restorations you will find on the Heritage Restorations site. They have experience restoring over 200 barn restorations. With no two barns being the same. Each of the barn buildings is a unique testimony to a forgotten age of the enduring values of hard work, hand craftsmanship, and care. You will want to take a look on their site at some of the other barn restorations they have done, along with interesting stories about the history of barns. **

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