1260 Sq. Ft. High Quality Log House That You Can Personalize According to Your Wishes, Details Inside!

Now this is a beautiful and simple log home design. This 1260 square foot, high quality log house can be personalized to your specifications and will be made into the home of your dreams. The log house designs from Immobilien Scout 24 are quite beautiful already, but just as every person is a little bit different, each home design will be different. The log home building company, Immobilien Scout 24, is located in Germany, who features log houses like this one for sale as well as homes and lots for sale in Europe. So whether you're someone in the area that's looking for a place to rent or buy, or if you're looking to build a brand new house Immobilien Scout 24 can help you out. This is one of the prefabricated log houses from their website that can be purchased for only 100,000 Euros which isn't too bad of a price for a brand new home. The homes come as prefabricated kits and their team of log home building experts is available to come out and build the home for their customer. This would be a great idea for someone who wants to build a log home or cabin from a prefabricated kit, but needs assistance building it.

For many people, building a log home kit is the best way to save money on the overall cost of their build. They still get to implement their own log house designs and create their very own space, but they also get the financial benefit of buying a manufactured kit. Building a handcrafted log home kit can be expensive because each piece must be hand crafted, whereas the manufactured kits are created by machine. The machine made logs are just as strong and durable as natural logs, they just don't have that beautiful, organic quality to them, and they are more uniform in style and shape. Most logs are created from the heart wood of the tree, which is the part that is most desirable to build with. The heart wood is the centre part of the tree that layers and layers of wood continue to grow around. The wood is also usually grown in colder temperatures to regulate the growth of the tree. If a tree grows too fast, it doesn't develop as strongly as trees that grow slowly over a duration of time. The heart wood of a tree also contains the most powerful and potent natural protectors for the tree. They contain toxins that are only harmful to predators and mold and mildew which is why log homes last so long. The older the tree, the more heart wood exists in it which is why we see the really old log houses lasting for 500 years or more.

This particular log home design is very simple yet very stylish. It would be a great log house to use for a variety of purposes. Used as a recreational cabin at the lake for those nice summer holidays, or a ski cabin for the winter time for ski and snowboarding trips. This log home building kit could also be used as a full time home for a couple or a small family. Since the floor plan is designed to only have one floor, it would be a nice lay out for a retired couple who prefers not to have stairs in their home. The windows are probably one of the most notable features which bring a lot of character to the home and enjoyable sunlight throughout the day time hours. Enjoy looking at more homes and designs from Immobilien Scout 24.***

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